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  OVERVIEW About OXAP – Eye Hospital Management

OXAP is a specially designed software suite for eye hospitals through which all related management solutions are taken care of. Inputs and feedback from industry experts including leading ophthalmologists and management professionals have been utilised in developing the software so that it covers every aspect of hospital management. Digitized paper records and customizable MIS reports transform the complicated management of huge data into an effortless one. OXAP brings management of patient history and other reports under a single platform to scale down your burden.

  • Visualize And Monitor Your Progress
  • Patient Registration Made Exceptionally Simple
  • Efficient & Effortless Pharmacy Management
  • Fluidic Interface For Refraction
  • Digitize Your Communications

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  • Designed and developed based on inputs from industry experts
  • Customizable system with MIS reports.
  • Minimalistic & simple tech architecture
  • Warnings and Alerts for Doctors & Staff
  • Cloud-based system and Multi-level access rights
  • Digitized paper records with standard workflow.
  • Easily retrievable patient records
  • Transparency and Integration between different Department
  • Interconnected Doctor’s desk and Pharmacy


  • What problem does OXAP solve?

    Oxap is a complete eye hospital management system that helps management to go paperless by digitizing all medical. OXAP helps to reduce manual labour drastically and maintain quality data with high accuracy.

  • Is it customizable & scalable?

    Yes, it is customizable according to clients requirements and can scale up to any extent.

  • How much training is required?

    Our OXAP system is very user-friendly and can be easily understood by anyone with even less technical knowledge. The training process for the entire product will not require more than one month of time.

  • How secure is the patient data?

    Data is stored in a cloud-based database and multi-level access rights are available, hence there won't be any compromise on security.

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