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The long term success of a business is solely based on the flexibility and planning of the enterprise. We provide that by working with you as a strategic partner. We identify the growth opportunities and alert you at the earliest. We also assist in the areas of Business partnerships, Fund Raising, Strategic Planning and Documentation.

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  • Why don’t you list pricing for services ?

    We have custom plans for each companies depending on your current stage & industries. So we will not be able to give you a pricing upfront.

  • I’m a small business, can I afford your services?

    Yes we were created keeping in mind to help all kinds of companies including early-stage startups as well.

  • What should I look for when selecting a business consultant or coach?

    The role of a consultant is to transfer his/her set of tools (skills/experience) for growing a business and sales to you. That transfer has to be replicable (process) - you don't want them to be experimenting with you or your company - so ask about what process they will take you through. If they can't answer that or won't show you the process - run! Also, look to see what real relevant experience they have and the accomplishments they earned.

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