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The accounting module enables functions for cost planning, decision making and measurement of economic performances. Anyhow, the size of a business is used to maintain a record of financial transactions, audit statements, process payments, and create, send, and reconcile invoices.

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E-Invoice (FATOORAH)

The best accounting software in Saudi Arabia. A simple and powerful Advanced Accounting Software for Manufacturing, Distribution, and Services. Automate E-invoicing seamlessly, in compliance with Saudi Arabia's new e-invoicing regulations

Payment methods

It can be either online or offline Cash, checks, and credit card payment methods are available. New types of payment methods can be added as well.

Credit/Debit cards

All electronic payments are handled by external payment terminals.

Split tenders

A single order can be paid as a split payment between multiple parties as well as with separate payment methods.

Currency rounding

Prices and payments can be rounded to the smallest denomination of the currency.


Generate and print invoices for your business customers.


Odoo human resource management module is a comprehensive package to meet all your HR-related needs. Our HR module will: Enable organizations to replace manual HR methods with automated processes.

Create employee profiles

Gather all information concerning each employee at one place.

Employee Directory Management

Contains names and contact information for employees across the enterprise.

Manage timesheets

Create weekly and monthly timesheets and follow the time spent by your employees on projects.

Handle attendance

Timely and regular attendance is an expectation of performance for all employees.

Manage leaves

Manage holidays, legal leaves and sick days.


It is useful for visualization of data in a better way


Odoo accounting module enables businesses to maintain a record of financial transactions, process payments, audit statements and create, send and reconcile invoices.

  • Double-entry bookkeeping: Odoo uses a double-entry bookkeeping system to automatically balance all journal entries.
  • Multi-companies:Using Odoo, users can manage several companies within the same database.
  • Import bank feeds automatically:Odoo makes bank reconciliation too easy by importing bank statement lines from your bank directly into your Odoo account.
  • International Standards:Odoo accounting supports more than 50 countries.
  • Accounts Receivable & Payable:Odoo uses a single account for all account receivable entries by default.
  • Multi-currencies:Every transaction by default recorded in company currency.
  • Inventory Valuation:Odoo supports both periodic (manual) and perpetual (automated) inventory valuations.
  • Easily retained earnings:Odoo calculates your current year earnings in real-time so that no year-end journal is required.

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