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Bridge LCS

Bridge LCS is the most trusted logistics management software in Saudi Arabia, UAE,Bahrain and other Middle East countries. And the leading logistics and freight management software that helps companies, forwarders, customs clearance as well transporters manage their cargo process.

We understand how crucial it is to have a management solution that can adapt quickly and easily. With our innovative cloud system, you'll never be at risk of operating your business without access again! A lot goes into making sure the logistics industry runs smoothly - but not every detail needs attention right away. That's why we offer monthly payment options so companies don't need large financial commitments up front while they're still trying out different solutions on their own time...

We Make

Logistics Secure

Free Update

Stay ahead of the curve with our lifetime free updates. No more being left in the dust as new technology and market demands evolve!

Live Tracking

Your customers will never have to worry about their shipments again. They can track every step of the process, from beginning until it is delivered right into an account or shipped out for delivery at a later date!

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. We provide 24/7 email support, and a live chat service which is available up until 16hrs each day (or other agreed upon time).

Inter Connected

The Bridge is an innovative piece of software that connects with each department, back and forth. It makes the life easier for both users in this system as well as those at management level because they can see what's going on within their company more easily than before!

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Make Us Special


Bridge LCS has adopted web-based technology to be in line with the fast evolving world, It’s important that every step of their work is efficient and effective. By providing software as well on any device they are able bring flexibility which helps them better adjust for changes before it's too late!


Bridge LCS knows that security matters to our clients and we take it seriously. That's why, instead of just providing them with a bulletproof solution from the server side (like most companies do), we work hard on finding out how secure your information is before even sending you start using an online service or making changes yourself!

ISO 25000:2014 CERTIFIED

Bridge LCS strives to provide the best possible customer service and quality. With 25000: 2014 certification, we have achieved compliance with all requirements of system & software evaluations in order for the company's workflows/processes are up-to code as well!.

What's New

In Bridge LCS

Job Replication

Replicate an existing shipment to avoid rework and save time. It saves you 50% of the time it takes to create a job.

One-time Data Input

Eliminates data entry errors, reduces the risk of conflicting information and saves you valuable time.

Auto save data

Autosave data makes it easy for users to post in jobs much faster, while keeping their work secure and private.

Reminder and Tasks

Reminder and Tasks to assign works to colleagues. It helps you track the progress of your projects, as well as keep on top if everything with one click!

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The Dark Mode.

Saving battery life and improving your focus on the Bridge LCS system, leads to spending more time with a better user experience.

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Support Arabic

Yes we too,


Bridge LCS is completely integrated with the Arabic language to provide the most accurate and readable. Therefore, our vision is to provide all customers in the middle east countries can easily understand our shipment management software.


  • What Problem Does Bridge LCS solve?

    Bridge LCS is a complete Online logistics Management Software Streamlining the business process by reducing the complicated documentation, organizing the shipments and its financial data. With the flexibility to work from anywhere, gives any logistician an extra time to relax

  • How secure is the customer data?

    LCS has an exclusive defensive and offensive security researching team to find a reasonable answer to our clients. Our strategy is to have security encryption implemented from the user level.

  • How much training is required?

    Bridge LCS has designed to make the life the user much easier and friendly. We follow to train the trainer concept. Which can be completed within 5 days, we also provide training based on the client’s requirement. Our dummy link to enable the users to do practice data entry on the system

  • How to backup data?

    The data is encrypted and stored at multiple regions; we also maintain an additional manual backup. We also made a backup facility at the client’s end, where the Admin can take back up and save it to the local pc from the system settings session.

  • What are the advantages of cloud-based ERP?

    Cloud-based ERP is flexible it can be accessed from anywhere at any time with any internet-enabled device. It also offers flexibility, security, and speed.

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