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  OVERVIEW About Lanoza – Hospitality Management

The hospitality industry is an expanding enterprise that incorporates software assistance for its seamless management. Lanoza is a highly efficient hospitality management software suite that offers a mobile platform for easy access to services in a hotel. The software suite helps to manage Check-ins, check-outs, ordering food and other services for travellers and guests. It's needless to emphasize the importance of keeping abreast with the advancements in software programs in a competitive industry. A calculated approach is required to make your resort or hotel stand out among other competitors. Lanoza equips you with real-time logistics that help you to have attentive monitoring of your business. The customizability of the software allows for further integration into a compatible ERT creating a comprehensive hotel management system for effortless handling of your business.

  • Mobile Responsible Platform
  • Real-Time Logistics
  • Compatible ERP Suites

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  • What is Lanoza?

    Lanoza is a hospitality management software suite that provides a mobile responsible platform for the guests for check-ins, check-outs, ordering food, and much more during your stay at a hotel. This application allows hoteliers to manage the guest properly and they will get a better experience in hospitality.

  • What is the impact of Lanaoza in hospitality Management?

    Lanoza provides a different standard for hospitality management and it does not require any physical presence of the customer. This facility is necessary for this pandemic situation and you can explore the extreme of hospitality.

  • What are the benefits of Lanoza?

    ➔ High efficiency ➔ Time Consumption ➔ Avoid customer collision ➔ Better hotel management ➔ Simple registration process

  • Why did we choose Lanoza?

    Lanoza is typically a customer based application. It concerns the feeling of the guests within the available resources. This will be popular because it covers the major talks with the guest and the housekeeping staff.

  • Which software is used for implementing Lanoza in hospitality management?

    It is integrated into compatible ERP suits and provides real-time logistics to run the resort/hotel better.

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